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Build A Successful Internet Business

Day 1 - Master the ALL-Important Basics

Welcome to a unique Course where at the end of 10 weeks, with some effort you will have a functioning Internet business built around your knowledge, skills and passions ready for growth, and "built for traffic". A Start-Up business.

More than 40 000 Internet Business owners currently use SiteBuildIt (SBI) around the world. SBI is a fully integrated system to research, plan, build and maintain their businesses.

SBI is organic and grows in response to the needs of these business owners.

SBI is like a door to opportunities ...

"If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door." ~ Milton Berle
AND with one good idea ...
"Ideas can be life-changing. Sometimes all you need to open the door is just one good idea." ~Jim Rohn

Existing SBI Users

Slide Presentation Session 1 (may open in Internet Explorer)

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Where are we up to .PPT ...     .PDF ...

Business Building Checklist V3
SBI Glossary

CTPM     Proof     Results 1%ers
Sample 1% Sites
Judy - A Half Percenter

All-Important First Step

An Interview with ELAD - Master Infopreneur
(NOTE Elad is not a 'professional' speaker)

Warren's One-Page Business Plan

1. What is Online business?

2. Communication with gMail

Check your sbi.name@gmail.com email

Questions ?? write to sbi.warren.holland@gmail.com

What are the Basics of Internet Business from Session 1? show/hide

What do I do to make this Course work for me? show/hide

What happens on Day 2? show/hide

Day 2 - Develop the Best Site Concept

What can be the biggest mistake in life?

Slide Presentation Session 2

Site Concept Overview - Supply & Demand
Site Concept Research - 3 Concepts at a time
Site Concept Research - One Concept at a time - 'Old' V2
New SBI Features

Login to BrainstormIt!

From "What happens on Day 2" (above)

Site Concept Guidelines Action Guide pp 37-38

1.. Demand (D) is greater than 2000
         and preferably greater than 3000      D > 3,000

2.. TWO or more other Keywords with D near or greater than 1000
       D > 1,000
3.. 10 or more Keywords with D in the "hundreds"

         (Can lower these thresholds if NEW or GROWING area)

4.. Supply less than 70,000    S < 70,000

Key Decision Making Factors   (over next few weeks)

1.. Number of Keywords
2.. Overall profitability
3.. Your Knowledge
4.. Your PASSION
5.. Theme "sexiness"
6.. Monetisation potential

Day 3 - Brainstorm Profitable Topics

Slide Presentation Session 3

Day 3 - Lateral Brainstorm & Analysing your MKL
Site Concept Research - Lateral Brainstorm - 'Old' V2
SearchIt!       SI! - NOTES on Use

FREE Video on Keyword Phrase Research & Planning
from WordTracker
DO NOT buy any WordTracker products

ESSENTIALS of the Video

The FOUNDATION to your business
Download and PRINT
Spreadsheet Blueprint Template

        Review your MKL and DELETE         KEEP all Keywords that
  • Nonsensical words (BrainstormIt cannot THINK yet)
  • Irrelevant words not fitting concept
  • Near-zero Demand words (on target words are exceptions)
  • Near-zero Supply words (except for "gems")
  • Super-high Demand and/or Supply words
  • Near-zero Profitability words (on target words are exceptions)
  • Are relevant to YOUR Site Concept
  • Fit into the three TIER structure
  • You are knowledgeable about
  • Excite you
  • Have good profit potential
  • Pass Numerical Review - see MKL Preset Tasks

Day 4 - Investigate and Plan Monetisation Options

Keep these words by Thomas Edison in mind
as you work through DAY 4...

"Good fortune is what happens when
opportunity meets with planning."

Slide Presentation Session 4

NEW Slide Presentation Session 4

Monetisation Plan

Monetisation Score Card

Quick Traffic estimates for new keywords
New keyword ideas with this Keyword Tool

Day 5 - Refine Site Concept

Slide Presentation Session 5
Slide Presentation Session 5 VPP

Who Is My Ideal Visitor

Is it this person?       Or these?

What is my PURPLE COW?

Did you SEE that PURPLE COW?

What's your VPP?     In other words ...

  • What's the specific high-value info you offer?
  • What is your unique positioning?

How does a VPP differ from a USP ...

  • VPP applies to entire site.
  • USP applies to a single product or a single service.

Can I register my Business Name (Domain Name) YET?

  • Have you completed your brainstorming?
  • Have you pruned and sorted your keywords?
  • Have you planned your Monetization Mix?
  • Have you one best idea with which to move forward?
  • Have you built a draft 3-TIER Site Plan (Blueprint) for NOW and your FUTURE GROWTH?
  • Have you worked out your VPP?

In Summary, here are the key areas for Day 5:

  • Identify YOUR VPP and consider your VOICE (Chicago - Julie & Julia)
  • VPP vs USP (not to be confused)
  • MYCPS or Make Your Content PREsell
  • Final evaluation - is everything still on track?
  • Domain Name - Dashes in name ? Domain Naming TIPS
  • Availability - use only SearchIt! (avoid 'front-running')
  • Make sure it's legal using SearchIt!
  • Helping you Choose - NicheChooseIt!

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