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Warren here, from the Building an Internet Business Course at Macq CC.

There is access to a FREE download below. Just touching base to see where you are up to in your amazing journey.

How have you progressed?

I would really like to hear from you and even see your website. You can either email (see below) or use the Form in Week 9. I would love to hear how you are going.

Remember my mission that created the course at Macquarie CC:

"Accelerate your knowledge"

Well I have added a Week 10 for you and new students. YES a Week 10 !!

It extends the course exponentially, and in one place I will be placing lots of free materials, and downloadable books usually in pdf format.

The password is at the bottom.

I use this material, and know it can assist you.

What have I been doing? I have taken time off from Macquarie CC from June to September to start the build of another Internet Business which was inspired by a trip to Tasmania. I needed time to research it using all the tools we use in the course.

As the idea was feasible, I then dropped it into that tool I use called SiteBuildIt (SBI) and used it to create 993 Keywords, find Supply and Demand, and Value or "Profitability". I now have SBI regenerate the list over the last three months, and I have noted trends. I am now building my site around these trends. Like all businesses, its slowly growing.

Like all businesses, this is the hard part, slowly building the site around my keywords and the site map. Patience and perseverance and writing what Google, MSN, Ask and Yahoo (the big four) want … good answers to what people search on. But, I enjoy creating answers that help people and watching the numbers of visitors slowly increase – it’s fun !!

That's enough from me. Check out Week 10 at


Your password is wnjweek10 (keep it secure).

It has one free downloadable pdf (about 300 pages worth !!) that is a GREAT read. Stacked full of ideas that work (I use them). This book reinforces what you learnt in the Course plus much much more.

When you access the download you will be able to download a second book that examines what Search Engines need. Based on original thinking and tests, and literally tested in 1000s of sites, including mine.

There are others to come, so check in periodically.

There is absolutely NO obligations on anything I place inside Week 10. No one will ask for an email address either.

Download it, and “accelerate your knowledge”.

And don’t forget .. tell me how you are going .. send me your web-address too, if you can.

Write to macq@startup-business-services.com

or use the Form in Week 9.

I really look forward to hearing from you.

Regards Warren

"Take your passion
and make it happen"
~ Theme song from Flash Dance