Build A Successful Internet Business

Welcome to the Second Part of this unique Course where you will NOW start to build your business using all your research and planning as the SOLID foundation.

Soon you will see it start to grow out there on the Internet. At the end of the 10 weeks, with some effort you will have a functioning Internet business built around your knowledge, skills and passions ready for growth.

Success in business comes from what is called "sweat equity" which in time can translate your business into a real asset with a resale value in its own right.

Your business created using the SBI Tools and systems can create extra cashflow in the short to mid term, and potential capital growth to realise asset value in the long term.

What is the secret? It's the way of the tortoise - "slow and steady", with regular attention, and you will be surprised at what you have achieved.

So Tortoise It !!

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My aim is for your success !!

Day 7

Start to Build Your Business

Slide Presentation Session 7 NEW

Site Plan - Link FixIt
Build - Homepage Links - Libraries
Images & Links on Homepage
Traffic Stats - Build free Traffic

Site Central - an overview


Disclaimer* - Privacy* - T&C* - About Us - Contact Us - Site Map
* Use Findit to find the Text to copy, adjust and use

About Me
Contact Me ... some Warren would not apply - ask him


SBI FindIt!
SBI Glossary
SBI SearchIt!

HTML Editors

These can be downloaded to your computer AT HOME.
DO NOT download on to the Classroom Computers
Warren will project a demonstration.

EditPlus HTML Editor - the simple one
CoffeeCup Free Editor - Excellent (FREE) substitute to Dreamweaver

QuackIt Free ONLINE Editor - Excellent FREE coder for those RAW HTML boxes in SiteDesigner

Useful HTML Tags & Style Tags To Customise Your Block-Built Page
More explanatory than just the List at Webmonkey below - INCLUDES: Links, Tags, Jumping Up/Down a Page, Linking from an Image

Webmonkey simple HTML Code!

Page Building
Page Development Template - a Storyboard Template
Page Development Storyboard - a Storyboard Resource (ADVANCED)
Page Writing - some ideas

Page Text Linking
EASY Text Link EXAMPLE using BlockBuilder - Also SEE In Class Notes
GOOD EXPLANATION Of The Use of HTML to Create Links

More on Page jumps - enabling your Visitor to move up and down your page which ALSO Includes Adding an Image to Your HomePage

Image on Homepage
Also SEE SBITips Add an Image on Your HomePage

Advanced Code for Text Linking

The EASY Text Link EXAMPLE using BlockBuilder ABOVE
will provide suitable Navigation and
also satisfy the needs of the Search Engines.

This Text Linking is located on the Bottom of the Page
Return from this T3 page
to the T2 Page
or to the T1 HomePage

Here is the code with LINKS (that do not work) to show you what it looks like - you can CUT/ALTER/PASTE this Code into the last Block on a page to Link Back to other Pages:

Return from T3 Page Name

to T2 Page Name

or to T1-HomePage

The same Linking Code in a Text document for T3 to T2 to T1

CUT/PASTE from this explanation of this Code that uses a REAL sample
Text document SAMPLE for T3 to T2 to T1

Webmonkey explains this very well at this Link.

Build Free Traffic

(Slides 7/33 & 34)

AnalyseIt will analyse your page for the Search engines and make it perfect.
You analyse the page for humans – grammar, spelling, exciting, VPP, YOUR VOICE.

Day 8

Slide Presentation Session 8 - OVERVIEW of Relationship Building strategies
Slide Presentation Session 8 - more Detail
(RSS/BlogIt, MailOut Manager (e-Zine)
Form BuildIt, and Form BuildIt Library

Site Central - an overview

Build Relationships

Mailout Manager & E-zines (Slide 8/9)
Form Builder (Slide 8/23)

Contacts page
Build Form
Edit Thank you page
Select Create Single Auto-Responder

Later could create an eCourse of 5 Installments and use the Sequential AutoResponder

AutoResponder Spam Check (Slide 8/28)

Form BuildIt Library (8/35)

RSS / BlogIt (8/4 and 9/4 - 24)

Day 9

Slide Presentation Session 9 - OVERVIEW
Slide Presentation Session 9 - MORE DETAIL

Know Your Traffic

Traffic Analysis (Slide 9/25)
Click-In and Click-Out Traffic Analysis (Slide 9/29-33)

Day 10

Slide Presentation Session 10 - OVERVIEW
Slide Presentation Session 10 - MORE DETAIL

Warren's Course Evaluation
What is my MWR?

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XML SiteMap (Slide 10/3-9)
When to Monetise (from 10/10)

When to Monetise?

General guidelines are:
Have at least 30 pages
Have at least 4 relevant quality in-pointiing links
with maybe two from Directories, eg DMOZ, Yahoo! at, niche directories
Have a steady stream of visitors eg 20 per day.

Three more questions:

  • Have I created value for my Visitor?
  • Does my content focus on the needs of the Visitor first? rather than money.
  • Is there a clear VPP + Voice? or is it an encyclopedia?

STEP 1 - Is it the Right time to Monetise?

DO NOT monetise too soon.

Use FindIt and have a look at "Focus on Priorities"

STEP 2 - Review, Improve and Implement Your Monetisation Plan

One at a time - tortoise it.

STEP 3 - Use MonetiseIt!

30 Page Milestone

THREE new modules are now available:
  • MonetiseIt!
  • Ultimate Inside Lateraliser
  • Ultimate Verticaliser

STEP 4 - Keep moving Forward on the C - T - P - M path ... tortoise style

STEP 5 - Never Stop Learning

Refer to the Action Guide last pages

STEP 6 - Stay In Touch

Send in your Questions
SHARE your achievements

Send to eMail address

CHECK YOUR sbi address OR REDIRECT it to your favourite email address
Important information will come from Sitesell periodically

The Future

What do I do Now?
Stay in Touch - Warren can help you build your business

- My VISION - Read your Vision Statement once a week

- My GOALS - Check progress against your Goals once a week

- Read the ACTION GUIDE, excite pages, the Loungeroom

- Become an Expert with FindIt! and SearchIt!

- Use the Forum and Pay It Forward

For Ideas and Answers check out the 1%ers    at
EXAMPLE: What does a Contact Me page look like?


Celebrate EACH goal reached and each achievement !!!!!


Contact Us – Use FormBuilder – ONLY need First Name + Email Address + Comments and insert onto Contact-Us Page - this is your FIRST Relationship Building connection with your Visitor.
About Me / Us - use FindIt and search on "about me" for a Template
Disclaimer - use FindIt and search on "disclaimer"
Privacy - use FindIt and search on "privacy"

**Use your Footer creatively - use FindIt and search on "footer"

Attend the Advanced Content 2.0 Course at Macquarie Business Training College - see Catalogue [Link soon ..]


Build Links into and out of your business - use FindIt and search on “Link Building

Insert a few OUT
Add many IN


Attend the Advanced Links Course at Macquarie Business Training College - see Catalogue [Link soon ..]


Regular Persistence is the way I describe it - a little regularly, is better than a lot infrequently - set aside a time to solve problems and publish your answers each week. YOU are an entrepreneur or more precise, an Infopreneur in the new age.

The Way of The Tortoise

Tortoise It !

Page Backup - see this article
Save - No Crash

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Finding Enough Time ...
To build a part time job or business

Finding Time - Article Feedback

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