How Do You Build a Successful Business Online

This is the Short Course from Macquarie Business Training Centre
at Macquarie Community College offered this coming Term.

Are you a business owner who wants to get more out of your existing website, or a small business owner trying to work out where to start, or an individual who wants to start an online business?

Then this short course is for you. Find out what is possible and learn about online business – what works and what does not work. An opportunity to ask questions, explore possibilities and leave with many new ideas to implement straight away. 

Believe it or not building a website today is quite easy.

Building a successful, highly trafficed website
is though not as easy.

It is traffic, or visitors that determines the success of a website.  Lots of visitors and there are more potential buyers.  

To get traffic, often we resort to experts who charge well to undertake Search Engine Optimisation or SOE.  Often to maintain traffic you have to continue to pay to have your site "optimised" periodically.

You can actually take full control of your site and undertake SOE yourself in a non-technical environment! - see the last link below.

In this SHORT course you will receive a comprehensive Workbooks and Internet LINKS to more information that will assist you as you traverse this new dynamic and exciting environment.

Super-charge your decision making with this SHORT and INFORMATION RICH course

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How Do You Build a Successful Business Online

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