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Website Development with Education & Training that
Empowers the Small Business through
Reduced Costs and Full Control

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The Internet Business Training Company
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Here you will find out how our comprehensive
Web Development and Education programs EMPOWER you to BE IN CHARGE through a
RESEARCHED, LOW COST, FULLY CONTROLLABLE (by you), INSTANTLY changeable (for new deals) Online presence.
We are a Web Development business with an Education difference.
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START an Online Business or GROW an existing Online Internet Presence for your business is what The Internet Business Training Company specialises in. Assisting businesses, and new-to-business entrepreneurs to create a highly trafficed business Online presence at low cost.

Based in Sydney, Australia
Headed by Warren Holland

We assist businesses to create Internet BusinessSites
or iBusinessSites
other than just websites which often do not have Traffic.

It is TRAFFIC (or people visiting), not just an Internet presence that is KEY to YOUR Online success !!

The Traffic is then enthused by your preSelling business offerings, and are ready to
Click Through toward a
Purchase Decision

Traffic means YOUR business profits with an iBusinessSite Website that is created by

working either One-to-One in YOUR Office or Workplace or a Workshop, with

The Internet Business Training Company.

Here the focus is on TRAFFIC as ONE of the essential outcomes.

The Internet Business Training Company
is a different place ...

Here there is a …

Meaning that there is an actual RESEARCHED tangible startup business that is created and globally visible on the Internet when the Training is concluded.

Using the research to identify a PLAN for Expansion and Growth into new markets during the Training period.

Focus on PEOPLE
YOU are the most important part of your business ….
so we focus on YOU and your needs on your business, and your business Vision and Idea(s).

as we work with you to enable the best Online presence for your business.

small businesses with new skills that will be used to grow an Online presence to build profits, jobs and exports, to expand, to enter markets and possibly also enter potential alternate markets.

Focus on you having TOTAL CONTROL
over your Online presence, from creation, maintenance, through to growth and use of the latest technologies to grow relationships with your Clients.

You can choose to manage your Online presence yourself, delegate to a trained staff member or to delegate to another business.
In any case, YOU will know what is involved in your Online presence, as you will have gained new skills and knowledge during the Training Workshops and Mentoring.

If you choose to delegate, you will know what is involved and have realistic expectations.

Your time is precious, so
We seek out easy technology solutions that save you time but do not take time to use.
You do not need to be a computer expert.

Other than deep down IN your business. The technologies used will enable you to maintain a focus on your Vision other than being inundated with Internet coding etc.

Focus on your COSTS
Great news … your capital and recurrent costs will be low !!

Looking at Costs in more detail, how does this effect the Bottom Line of your business ?

Low capital and recurrent costs mean:

You or your staff can manage the Online presence in house with the new skills:

" Manage the creation of your Online presence
" Manage the growth of your Online presence
" Manage the maintenance of your Online presence
" Easily attach new Internet technologies as they become available, eg RSS and Blogs, Newsletters, Social Networking, Web2.0 technologies.
" Easily manage the basic technologies involved so you can focus ON the business.

Less expenditure is required to stay on top of information of all that is "happening on the Internet" - and all that research.

The Internet Business Training Company can do all that for you. We can keep you in touch with the latest developments and what could be suitable for your business to enable further growth opportunities.

How do we do it?

We will use approaches including One-to-One Meetings, Training Workshops, Mentoring, and Support , with a flexible delivery approach which as best as possible will attempt to work around your business..

In the Classroom, as Educators, with a background in Information Communication Technology (ITC), management, and projects, we provide a variety of environments that encourage active hands-on learning.


What happens in Training Workshops?
Using a Room connected to the Internet, training is hands-on and undertaken in the following Areas:

- What is Internet Business basics?
- What is my Site Concept?
- Researching my Site Concept
- Investigate and plan how to profit from my Online presence
- Refine the Site Concept and Register the Domain Name
- Build a Site that is optimised for Traffic
- Build in Relationship-creating features.
- Learn how to know your Visitors
- Understand how to Grow your Site

What is Mentoring?
As a Mentor we act as a sounding board to explore ideas. We help you focus on the "big picture" issues that face your business online and bring extensive expertise to this task.
Mentoring will continue to explore the building of the Site, the benefits of different Relationship systems, and how to continue to grow your Site

What is Support?
Support assists with questions and solutions to various questions that will occasionally arise and can be undertaken in various modes: face-to-face, email or via telephone or Skype, or in very rare instances, it could involve remote access to your Site with your permission and access.

Support is also through the various Newsletters of The Internet Business Training Company

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