Build an Internet Business


You have the skills right now to build a profitable Internet business.


The AIM of this course is to start you on an incredible journey of discovery - to 'kick start' your travels, and inspire you to see the exceptional value of your life experiences.

1. Outcomes

You have the opportunity to:

. Learn new knowledge that could change your life
. Identify three new possibilities of the Internet for you
. Investigate new possibilities for your hobby, interests and passions
. Start to build a business around your passion.

The biggest mistake people make in life
is not trying to make a living at
doing what they most enjoy.

Working at what you enjoy
is far more important
than what you're working at.

~ Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990)

Take your passion
and make it happen

~ Theme song from Flash Dance

. Evaluate tools that can automate an Internet business
. Build 1 to 3 pages that attract visitors
. Discover you have the skills already and it is DOABLE
. Enjoy creative times and have funnnnn !!

2. Overview

. What is the Internet - what are the possibilities for me?
. What is business on the Internet and what can be my business
. Researching your profitable site ideas
. In-depth research of concepts, topics, and keywords
. How do I profit from my business site?
. Your Internet presence - domain name
    - Building my business pages 1
. Tracking, analysing and adjusting
. Your iBusiness office - essential tools and resources

3. What is the approach or methodology?

Open forums
An Outcome focused, practical hands-on course
Creative and flexible
Group focused rather than individually competitive
Highly dynamic, interactive and engaging
Hundreds of examples of REAL and highly PROFITABLE Internet businesses
Discussion and conversation - interaction
Online research
Free Online tools
Drawings and notes
Microsoft Word, eMail and free webhost
Use of free tools and strategies
Identification of tools to automate almost everything
Supportive ... and MOST important, a FUN atmosphere.

Automation is the good news with an iBusinessSite. Unlike other businesses, an iBusinessSite can be substantially automated, both in building and in operation.

BUT ... this is NOT about GRQ (Get Rich Quick) business building !!

This Course is about building slowly a REAL business with LOW risk and LOW cost with thinking, planning, research and tools ... MOST IMPORTANT, a business that you will love as it is born from your deepest interests ... totally unique.

And between each week ...

Is YOUR personal creative thinking. It is in this time that you consider the ideas of the class and their application to YOUR iBusinessSite. This is truly an exciting time.


1.. Find an area of interest for which you are passionate, and that you know and love.
2.. Identify profitable topics within that area of passionate interest.
3.. Layout the perfect 'content plan' for your site,
including your perfect domain name.

Some passionate, profitable iBusinesses ...

Juggling - Jim Nelson created a site on Juggling, and then he created another on Parrots . Hover over the linked words and see Jim's annual income from these two sites. How did he do it?
Simple sites, not incredible and flash.

Can you guess two places where Jim finds fun in his life ?

Simple ... fun ... passionate ... is this you ?

The biggest mistake people make in life
is not trying to make a living at
doing what they most enjoy.

~ Malcolm Forbes (1919-1990)

You are, at this moment, standing,
right in the middle of your own "acres of diamonds."

~ Earl Nightingale