About me .. Warren

Accelerate your learning

Warren enjoys creative ideas and education

Hello … my name is Warren.

I live in Sydney Australia and
my passion is to learn about Internet business, build and grow Internet business and to tell others about how it can all happen - to accelerate learning. With a background in education, I enjoy working with others and with ideas.

So what is my Background?

My background includes having been:

a teacher of Physics
an adult educator
an implementer of IT projects
a project manager
a project leader for IT systems
a team leader

a Director of Services

a business owner and an author

a Father and a Husband, and

a speaker and communicator and I am STILL learning.

My Internet story began in 1995 when I was undertaking some business studies at Deakin University. It had started earlier, but this was the "Eureka moment" when I started to see it's potential.

Following an accident in 1999, I had the opportunity to study business from another angle and voraciously read.

The "dot-com" bust around 2000 made me wonder why this happened. One answer was simply an incredible cash investment in unproven concepts. So much cash was lost that a new term "cash burn" was used to describe it.

I realised that if I could work out how to create business on the Internet with absolute minimal investment I would be right. So that was my mission. There must be a way.

Robert T. Kiyosaki with his "Cashflow Quaderant" (and the other books) sealed the deal that a business was the way to go.

What came together was bolt-together systems and I struggled to automate and systematise as Michael Gerber discusses in his "eMyth Revisited". A business uses systems to reduce the work. But I had learnt the essence of how a small business could work on the Internet.

My automation solution came in my next discovery, Solo Build It or SBI. I won't go into the long path this skeptic took to identify it's integrity and the outstanding Ken Evoy (Medical doctor, inventor, and CEO of Sitesell). I actually found Sitesell in a book - amazing ! Today when you sift through the 'dust' the Internet provides access to the latest information. If you do this course, people may come to YOU for the latest information.

My discoveries became a business course at Macquarie College which used free tools and revealed the tricks of the Internet.

BUT now ... with this NEW course, YOU can actually build an Internet business in just 10 weeks, out there on the Internet. YOU need to put in an effort, as it does not just happen.

Imagine 10 weeks of effort could possibly "create a different future".

The Internet IS a marvellous thing. Actually, a wonder of this world.

Why not join me on the next amazing discovery tour, and learn some things you never thought existed.

Join me.

You may even create a different future.

All the best for your future.


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