How Do You Build a Successful Business Online

Believe it or not building a website today is quite easy.

Building a successful, highly trafficed website
is though not as easy.

It is traffic, or visitors that determines the success of a website.  Lots of visitors and there are more potential buyers.  

To get traffic, often we resort to experts who charge well to undertake Search Engine Optimisation or SOE.  Often to maintain traffic you have to continue to pay to have your site "optimised" periodically.

You can actually take full control of your site and undertake SOE yourself in a non-technical environment! - see the last link below.

The Workbooks and the links below will assist you as you traverse this new dynamic and exciting environment. 

The LINKS below support the Course and the Course Workbooks.

As new developments occur they will appear here and this list will grow and change as the Internet evolves and changes.

Google Analytics - an excellent tool to monitor the performance of your site, eg traffic, keywords used by Visitors ...
Use your gMail login to access this tool

Keyword Selection

Multiple Keyword Research Functions

Internet Statistics 1

Internet Statistics 2 - not as useful now as only up to 2009

Broadband plans

Videos on Internet Business thinking

Webhosting Forum

Having Sites LINK to you

Sites that are in the Top 1% of highest trafficed sites in the Internet - not all flashy but highly trafficed

This site is owned and operated by Judy in Sydney and is in the Top 0.5% of highest trafficed sites in the Internet - not at all flashy but VERY highly trafficed with 8,000 visitors a day

Elad has 6 "Coolest" sites that score more than 6000 Visitors each day !! This one is

SBI is used above (Judy and Elad) and is a comprehensive non-technical Internet business creation solution. SBI can build simple or complex sites.

Warren trains in Solo Build It at Macquarie Community College (Business Training Centre) see

PROOF of SBI. What is it? and what can it do?

Warren also uses Worpress to build successful Online businesses.


Please feel free to contact me at the email address provided in the Class.

The very best of wishes for your online future.