What Is The Real Value Of SBI!
The SBI Value

Just what is the Solo Build It SBI value?

SBI continues to grow with new functionality continually added each day and month.

When RSS first appeared, a module was added to SBI to make it easy for SBI Users, when eMail started to be spammed, the SBI team created a new module to easily create Forms. To assist in establishing inbound links, Link Exchange was created.

The aim of SBI is always to remove the technical complexity so you can concentrate on the business.

A secondary aim is to explain away the technical through guides, videos, and images. With SBI, any technical issues of an Internet business are removed so you can get on with business growth.

So, what is the real value of SBI! (SBI value) when all the integrated modules are totalled?

Now that is a good question. Here are the sums in US dollars with the total also in Australian dollars based on an average exchange rate.

I was very surprised by the difference between the cost of SBI of $299 USD a year and the actual investment in SBI of more than $5,000 USD. Now that was what I called SBI value.

SBI! Value

Add up the value of SBI! functionality...

Function, if bought separately


Brainstorming and researching tools


Web/html/graphic designer


Hosting of your site (yes, SBI! even hosts your site
with state-of-the Net speed & reliability, no limits)


Domain name annual renewal (Automatic)


Submit unlimited URLs to Search Engines
(includes Google Sitemaps, Yahoo! Mass-Submit,
and MSN Graphic-Challenge)


Ranking Reports for Search Engines


Unique Keyword search reports for Search Engines


Ranking Reports for Directories


Unique Keyword search reports for Directories


Search engine optimization


SBI! Xpress, Tips HQ and Resources HQ


4 Traffic HQs


Pay-per-click research and mass-bidding


Click-in and Click-through Analysis


E-zine Subscription and Delivery
(E-Newsletter, including SpamCheck and OpenRate)


Value Exchange


Form Build It!
(Automated Forms and Sequential Autoresponders)


Link Fix It! (No more bad links!)


Full E-mail/WebMail With Spam 'n Virus Blast It!


Private SBI! Forums




Total (in USD), if bought separately

Australian Dollars (AUD) approximately



Even if you were to research the Net and piece together all these features at a cost of $5,000+, you would still be missing unique SBI! functionality. Here are just a few examples...

  • No other product on the Net automates the complex process of submitting your pages and then automatically re-submitting them, depending on whether and when your pages are spidered or indexed (all in a Search-Engine-friendly fashion).

    SBI! even automates the Google Sitemaps and Yahoo! mass-submitting process for you.
  • Just before you build each page, SBI! analyzes that page and tells you exactly what to do, to rank high and be found at the engines.  After it is ranking, SBI! even tells you how to rank higher and higher!
  • Since everything is integrated, only SBI! can run 24x7 across-the-site background functionality (unheard of even for professionals) that improves search results, optimizes value-exchange results, alerts you to broken links, and so forth... all automatically.

Add even more dollar-value due to the sheer productivity that Solo Build It! delivers by providing all these features, all in one place, and all working together. What hourly dollar-value do you put on the bother-free time-saving of true integration?

And how much would a Webmaster, graphic designer, Search Engine expert, and computer programmer charge you, not just to get started, but to maintain your site? Add that in, too, because you don't need anyone else to succeed with SBI!.

SBI! is always up-to-date, too, saving you even more hours. For example...

  • No need for you to read 100+ Net-marketing e-zines -- SBI Team do that.
  • New technology emerging? SBI! takes care of all that, too.
  • And do not worry if/when Search Engines change how they deliver search results. The SBI Team automatically integrate changes into SBI!, so you always wring the most out of your site... at no added cost and time for you.

What Value can you put on so much Saved Time?

What value can you possibly put on these hours-per-day-saving services alone? They free you to focus on your business, instead of struggling to stay up-to-date in the fast-paced, constantly changing, online business world.

No other product, or combination of products, comes close to this complete package. All the tools, all in one place, all for one price, and all tied together into a straightforward, integrated, step-by-step process that works.

Based on all that Solo Build It! delivers, a yearly subscription should sell for $5,000+ USD per year. Good news though! It costs much less than one-tenth of that to renew SBI! Just $299 USD.

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