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This Internet Business FAQ page is designed to contain the questions that are frequently asked. If you have a question that is not here, then send for an answer using the Form at the bottom. Enrol in this hands-on course and through using proven methods, you can go from zero to having an Internet business in just 10 weeks


What are the Prerequisites to enrol?
How long does the Course take to complete?
What are the Expectations?
What Equipment do I need?
What is undertaken in the 10 Sessions?
What Materials and Tools are included?
What is the COST of using SBI?
What is the COST of not using SBI?
What is the TRUE VALUE of SBI?
SiteSell/SBI!'s development highlights last year

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Build an operational Internet business in just 10 weeks - a business that is strategically planned and positioned for high visitor traffic.
This Internet business training course uses theory and proven practices to assist students through all the steps of starting and operating an online business. After 10 sessions, using the tools and materials included, students will have an operating Internet business, which will enable the student to grow using lessons learned during the course. Technical knowledge is not required, as the smart tools of SiteBuildIt (or SBI) make the technically challenging disappear, eliminating the tedious and the complicated so you can focus on creating your business.

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What are the Prerequisites to enrol?

This is a non-technical ** course, with a need for -

  • A reasonable knowledge of computers and the Internet.
  • An ability to write simple text equivalent to an memo; and
  • A burning desire to start a home or small business online, or to improve an existing one

** The technically challenging, the tedious and complicated aspects of Internet business are removed when using SBI.

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How long does the Course take to complete?

This Course is 10 Sessions in one College Term made up in one of the following ways:

8 or 9 Weekday evenings (Tuesday or Wednesday)
7.00 to 9.30pm during College Terms
2 or 1 Saturdays from 9.15 to 4.30pm during Term

If required, use the Form below to write to Warren with any questions

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What are the Expectations?

Students are expected to attend every class and dedicate a minimum of four hours per week practising and implementing what they have learnt.

Coupled with your enthusiasm you are well on the road to your operating business after 10 sessions.

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What Equipment do I need?

  • Macquarie Community College's Business Training Centre at Carlingford will provide a computer-equipped classroom.
  • Students need only bring the normal items for note-taking and
  • a burning desire to start a home or small business online, or to improve an existing one.
  • Students need a personal computer and Internet connection for homework assignments.

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What is undertaken in the 10 Sessions?

1. Understanding pre-selling versus selling - the C-T-P-M concept; success examples, entrepreneurship; accessing online resources

2. Brainstorming business ideas - types of online businesses; entrepreneur/infopreneur; building on passion/hobby/experience

3. Doing precise online market research - lateral and vertical brainstorming, analyzing supply and demand

4. Selecting an effective domain name - unifying business concept; searching available names; registering

5. Choosing an appropriate site look and feel - using standard and custom templates; starting and upgrading

6. Developing original site content - outlining like a book; using online resources; studying competition, writing for site visitors

7. Creating search-engine-friendly pages - analyzing page content; incorporating keywords; organizing content in tiers

8. Incorporating preselling techniques - using email giveaways; offering downloadable ebooks; offering free online courses

9. Promoting the business in multiple ways - free search engine traffic plus directories; blogging; advertising, ezines, relationships, joint ventures

10. Implementing proven money-generating techniques - incorporating content-based ads, being an affiliate for others' products/services

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What Materials and Tools are included?

. A full set of integrated software tools
. Complete online and downloadable reference materials
. Several hours of instructional videos. The student uses all these materials during the course, for homework assignments and afterwards to create and operate an online business.
. A comprehensive and up-to-date course book
. Access to a research and knowledgebase Forum

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What is the cost of using SBI?

The Course cost includes the SBI cost for one year.

The SBI licence lasts for one year from the date of the Course beginning.
This cost of $299 USD is built into the course cost.

The ONLY future ongoing cost is $299 USD per year. Most important, there are no other costs.

Having used SBI since 2003, it is expected that a business, (using the knowledge from this Course and using SBI) should easily recoup this "cost" through the business income/profits that can be generated. Also depending on your tax advice, the fee could be tax deductible.

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What is the COST of not using SBI?

The equivalent question is What are the traditional costs of creating an Internet business?

SBI is an investment in multiple integrated systems that removes the costs of a traditional Internet business. It is difficult to quantify, but as a list these costs can include:

Your time:

the biggest cost and includes your time to learn how to build an Internet business, to link together and maintain technologies to operate an Internet business, to manually research your idea, to learn the programming language used on the Internet or the tools to write this language.
Your time also has an "opportunity cost" - that's the cost of using your time to do something else, eg researching a new tool when you could be growing your business.

What value do you place on your time per hour?

Technical costs:

Webhosting costs each year, cost of Tools (usually annually) to automate a business, Tools to publish to the Internet, Newsletter subscriptions to maintain knowledge of Internet changes.

SBI enables anyone to create an Internet business and SAVES you time (most important) and unnecessary costs.

Using SBI covers all the traditional costs (see above) of creating and maintaining an Internet business for just $299 USD. SBI also regularly invents new systems and tools not found anywhere else in response to the feedback from the 30,000 business owners using SBI and in response to say the way Google or Yahoo changes its business model and how it works with you.

The Video by Kim from (last video on the main page) captures this very well in his video titled "Zero-Zero-Zero-Zero, An Entrepreneur's Dream Come True". Kim has had a number of traditional 'bricks and mortar' businesses in the past.

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At $299 USD what is the REAL value of SBI?

The true value is much higher than $299 USD. In fact it is very hard to identify the enormous value of thousands of hours of YOUR time saved through researching, building and maintenance.

Anyway, here is an attempt to determine the real value of SBI.

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SiteSell/Solo Build It!'s development highlights last year

Last Year Really Was Special...

EXTRACT from a recent Newsletter by Ken Evoy, CEO Sitesell

This is indeed a time for reflection! And maybe a little pat on the back to everyone.

Here's a quick review of SiteSell/Solo Build It!'s 2007 highlights. I could go on and on for pages and pages with all the details and smaller day-to-day stuff that happens all the time. But let's keep ourselves awake with the big stuff! ;-)

Solo Build It! Improvements

1) Sitemaps XML submissions/pinging -- several advances
2) Action Guide and special module videos -- a whole bunch
3) TNT and other HQs -- a ton of great new articles
4) Graphic Manager launch
5) Many new and updated searches in Search It!
6) Find It! integrated, now heavily used
7) Fav It! launched
8) Solo Build It! Checklist launched
9) Many updates of various modules
10) Monetization HQ launched
11) Forums restructured
12) Priority Build It! overhauled and relaunched
13) Analyze It! relaunched
14) Brainstorm It! V2 launched, V2.2 coming, and V3
(mind-blowing) is next
15) Infin It! nears launch (this will be big)

These additions really added a lot of new functionality to Solo Build It!. Naturally, there must have been a huge price increase, right?

Nope... same old $299 USD. What was a great deal years ago just keeps getting better and better.

The more complicated the Web gets, the more difficult technology becomes, the more impossible SEO becomes, the better SBIers do! For the same price. No doubt about it...

If you have not read it above, here is an attempt to work out the
real value of Solo Build It.

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