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Oprah and Suze Orman talk to SBI Owners Jill and Jose

During Oprah Recession Survival programs Oprah discusses with Suzi Orman and Jill and Jose from RV Lifestyles how to survive these financial times.

Jill and Jose use Solo Build It as part of their formula which has enabled them to now travel full time.

Solo Build It is used in

this Course at Macquarie Business College to Research YOUR idea, Plan your IDEA, and to Build a business around YOUR idea. Solo Build It is also called SBI.

SBI enables YOU to build a Business using YOUR idea and REMOVES all the technical “stuff” so you can FOCUS on your idea.

So, does SBI! really change lives?

Ask Jill and her husband Jose from  your-rv-lifestyle.com.
RV stands for Recreational Vehicle.

They were asked to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show this week. Finance expert, Suze Orman was providing advice on how to survive these tough financial times. She was interviewing people who had made some great and not so great financial decisions.

Jill and Jose have made some great financial decisions, and SBI is one of them, although it is very inexpensive.
NOW, their SBI created business at  your-rv-lifestyle.com helps them travel fulltime.

Here is the Oprah Recession Survival interview:


Jill's SBI! site is all about the RV lifestyle. It's not just an experiment in "lifestyle design", it's an example of how SBI! gave Jill and Jose the lifestyle of their dreams.

They built their business around their passion, Recreational Vehicles and created an alternate RV Lifestyle.

And now they've been seen by MILLIONS of people all over the world! And doubled the traffic to their site this week.

And they can now add "As Seen On Oprah" to their site. Now THAT is credibility. :-)

Verrrry nice!

Of course, Jill was already a recognized expert in her field, thanks to SBI!.

And here's the key...

How did Oprah find her?

A simple Google search.

Building YOUR Internet business in THIS Course with Warren, using SBI to remove all the technical “stuff”, will ALSO enable YOUR Visitors and Customers to easily FIND you too. Find you not just in Google, but also ASK, Windows LIVE, Yahoo and in thousands of other Search Engines.

You never know, you may be the next business owner on a show like Oprah, or maybe the Great Outdoors ??

Take your passion and make it happen

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