A Web Course to
Build an Internet Business

Turning your passions into business possibilities ...

New Internet Business Course planned for Term 3 - Build a functional Internet Business in 10 weeks !!

A web course that can take a passion, YOUR passion, and turn it into a real profit possibility that can build extra income for retirement, or for that special trip, or even wealth.

This web course will kick-start your business idea or ambitions and show you how to build an Internet business website, optimise it to be found on the Internet and to create profits. You do not even need an idea for a business to start this course.

The oustanding benefit of an Internet business website is the low costs and low risks.


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Week 9 - The Future: Resources for Growth 1

Week 10 - The Future: Resources for Growth 2
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What have students said about this Course ?

"An excellent insight into the world of iBusiness.
Extremely interesting course content with valuable information and research tools." James Pascoe

"Practised presenter who has himself been-there-done-that. What gave it special value was that the course was not just theory but was based on the actual experience of the teacher." Neil

"Overall, the course was enjoyable and informative. It has made me enthusiastic about developing my own ibusiness site." J McGuinness

"It was very easy to identify with and communicate with the presenter. Nothing was too hard or difficult to ask, and the course was adapted around these questions, which was great." Ria

“Felt very confident with all the leads and information supplied. Very approachable teacher - presented material with a lot of background to enable greater depth of understanding.” M Leggott

“Warren is friendly and approachable about everything.
The course was full of useful information. The class presentations were relaxed and friendly.” Maggie

“Open an unprecedented online business - opportunities that I haven't imagined & it's well-presented by experienced trainer in the business.” Peter Chui

A Web Course to Build an Internet Business, and ...
Turn your passions into real business possibilities.