Why just build a Website
When you could build
A profitable Business Site

That’s right … more than
mere code,

How do you turn HTML code into traffic and profit?

Here is how I did it.

In 1995, I built my first website – there was no HTML Help then.

I remember it well – Windows Notepad and my fingers writing, racing off HTML code. It was an interesting way to start HTML for me ! and very repetitive – thank goodness for “cut & paste”.

Then along came the HTML Editor, then WYSIWYG Editors – my world was made.

Personal Learning 1:
I could now save time and concentrate on DESIGN other than code.

A good looking site should “attract” visitors and traffic. Right? WRONG!

I was hopeful of “being found” on the Internet. I was in for a surprise!

Personal Learning 2:
A good-looking site will not attract traffic.

I certainly did not understand how to work with Search Engines and Directories.

Websites serve all sorts of purposes, but all need to be found and to have visitors.

It’s the old adage: location … location … location

for real estate and “bricks and mortar” businesses. A good location near the beach for the house, and a good location where many people pass for the shop (eg. shopping centre or a mall)

People passing the shop, hmmm that’s traffic for the shop, and that’s like TRAFFIC for a website.

Personal Learning 3:
In the physical world, it is location …location … location
On the Internet, I needed TRAFFIC … TRAFFIC … TRAFFIC.

So here was my most difficult learning:

How do I create a site that attracts traffic and enables business to occur and provides a positive cashflow for that business ?

I now realised that a website without traffic,
is a very LONELY place.

Traffic … Traffic … Traffic

How do I get traffic to the door? It was more than HTML code. It was more than a good looking site.

I found that I could write nice code for a Website as I have here on HTML Help.

OR I could go further and build an Internet Business site for a Client or myself.

I decided to do BOTH. I took some very basic HTML codes and built an Internet Business Site. And it was easy.

How did I do it?

Well you need some HTML Help to code in HTML. Annabella in Western Australia has already put together a great site on HTML Help with great links to other HTML educational sites.

BUT before you visit Annabella, Have a look at what you can do once you have only basic HTML skills. Maybe you never realised the great potential awaiting the use of some basic HTML code.

More than a Website, a Business site ..

No matter if you are a BEGINNING HTML writer


If you are a WEBMASTER

So ... ensure all your HTML efforts are profitable whether they are simple or high energy and colorful, just like the hundreds of Sites in the TOP 1% and 2% of all of the Internet sites.