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2 Years of my Research
and successful Internet business
and more than 10 years daily experience using the Internet

Personally PROVEN to work.

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For that PART-TIME job
or extra income.
To START a business
To potentially BUILD wealth.

Is it time for you to fly?

Hi, I'm Warren Holland,

It has taken 2 years of research to learn the Internet's potential to produce income. And then to prove it through personal experience. There was no Starting Home Business Help when I started.

How did this all commence ....

It commenced with a dream ....

I dreamt of extra income for my retirement plan.
I dreamt of being financially free, and

from my 3 hour daily commute
where life seemed to pass me by in a
blurrrrr as I gazed daily out my train window ...
mmmm ...

I dreamt of time free to do other more important things other than my

7am to 7pm
"locked in" day

I dreamt of work that I was passionate about.
With mornings brimming with energy as I turned ideas into extra income and freedom …

I had to turn my dream into a reality …

So I took my dream,

    created a vision of where I wanted to be
      drew up some Goals and got started.

Now that sounds easier than it was, but that is what I did. I became very, very persistent, to find the solution …

"To change, I had to change"

After work, and dinner I would regularly settle down to my research. Now research is not foreign to me, but this research was a bit more enjoyable. There were many late nights over a warm, hot chocolate beside me. The house would be still, in total blackness except for the bright light of my desk light and the glow of the computer monitor. Everyone else was tucked up warmly in bed, gee.

I was persistent, very persistent ...

I was looking for a REAL, and I do mean REAL...

low risk
low cost
high reward
business idea.
A startup business.

And there was no starting home business help ? No help at all.

After 2 years, I worked through many false words and hype, navigating the Internet maze, and losing out on what did not work. But after 2 years, I have found WHAT does WORK. I have found genuine ideas and REAL TOOLS, that I now use every day.

And each day, I find more valuable tools.

I personally use every idea, system and tool examined on this site. The current #1 idea (of the Top 10) is used daily to easily build and maintain this site.

And being someone who never spends a cent or a dime easily, and who avoids risk, I use systems and tools that provide …
free trials, giveaways and GUARANTEED money REFUNDS if you are not satisfied.

And that is low risk - as you don't lose any money. That’s good for starting home business.

So this site is about SAVING …


- 10 years of my Internet experience
- 3 years of Business studies and
- 2 years of very active research looking deep
into the Internet and testing ideas.


- tested, proven ideas, systems, tools

I hope you will spend some time looking around this growing site - there really is NO RISK to you at all. There is now, and as each day passes, much knowledge and information here. And it is all FREE.

Here is Starting Home Business Help for you - exploring extra income ideas and businesses for your retirement, part-time jobs, and potentially large passive income ideas to add to your financial plans.

Why waste thousands of hours of your own time. Accelerate 2 years ahead and save thousands of dollars by using the proven and tested knowledge here. Start straight into your very own Internet business.

Startup Business Services showing you how to use the Internet to recapture your time and even build wealth.

Starting Home Business help for you, to ...

Save you money.
Leverage your time.
Accelerate your knowledge.

It's time to FLY ....

TOP 10 business tools proven and personally used to help start business
These top 10 business tools enable you to access tried and proven knowledge to place your business idea straight onto the Internet, a great startup business idea to help start business.
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SBS Disclaimer
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