Top 10 Business Tools

A startup business idea to
help start business

My Top 10 Business Tools to help your Business FLY. Use these to bring your business onto the Internet and to start business FAST .. use them to FLY ...

In my Top 10 Business tools these are my TOP FOUR proven ideas for your Startup Business. These are just four of the proven resources that I am currently using on THIS site and in each of MY businesses. There are six more to come next month to make this my Top 10.

Resources only appear here when they have been thoroughly tested and proven to improve my business bottom-line. This is good news for you as my exhaustive testing can become the start point for you.

Accelerate straight into tried and proven knowledge.
Leverage your time by NOT having to find and repeat this
testing, and most important, you
Save money as I do the testing and discarding
of products that do not work.

Below are my FOUR top resources. This list is evaluated monthly.

1. SiteBuildIt (SBI)

Site Build It (SBI) is TOP of the list of my Top 10 Business Tools as THE tool I have used to build THIS site, this page and my businesses.

SBI is a step-by-step guide to EVERYTHING including identifying your business idea, clarifying your idea, researching the demand and targeting your audience (rephrasing: that is zero risk with a known guaranteed audience), creating your BUSINESS site WITH TRAFFIC(not just a website with no one traffic), build your site, getting more traffic ideas, Newsletters, eZines. Even registering domains and hosting the site. Nothing is left out. This lets you get on with business FAST with no programming required. The alternative is laboring inside website code 'forever', and then trying to work out how to 'get it onto the Internet'. SBI gets the site together and onto the Internet.

A powerful and amazing tool and system I personally use and endorse. There is none other on the Web.

Here's proof of how well it works ...

Why it's #1 in my Top 10 Business Tools .. here are SBI sites in the top 1% 2% and 3% of the entire Internet ...

2. Make Your Knowledge Sell (MYKS)

What have you learnt? Whether you are 12, 16, 24, 45 or 65 you have learnt something and most likely have a hobby, unique knowledge or a passion. Guess what ... somewhere in the world someone else wants to know about that knowledge. That's right, wants to know about what YOU know. I am constantly amazed at who comes to my business sites to read what I have written, and so it will be with you. This book connects you to them.
Internet users are searching for information – YOUR information that is in YOUR knowledge in YOUR head. Make Your Knowledge Sell enables you to package it for sale. What an incredible alternative source of income for you. Imagine selling your knowledge in Retirement or as a Part Time Job or as a new Business!! This is an exceptionally in-depth look at knowledge and how you can package and market it.

I personally have not found another book like this, in depth, easily read and very inexpensive. This is why this is my #2 in my Top 10 Business Tools. This book has made amazing returns on the very insignificant price I paid for it. This WAS a sensible business decision.

3. Make Your Words Sell (MYWS)

If you take away all the words from a site, what is left? Just some pictures. Can a picture demonstrate your passion, and convince your visitor to make a decision – maybe yes, maybe no. It has been shown that it is the words that are important. The words contain the pictures, emotion and the thoughts that inspire and motivate your visitor.

#3 of my Top 10 Business Tools is how to write words for the Internet. Now this the THIRD great resource that I use EVERY day and sits proudly next to my copy of MYKS. Here is what words to use, how to present them and many secrets to what works and what does not.

4. Find my Niche

Having trouble finding your market niche? Maybe even understanding the importance of a niche or what it is? This is what you need.

On the Internet there are some big expert players, the eBay people with auctions, with books. But there are zillions of smaller markets that YOU can market to and even dominate, all based around your passion. This is YOUR niche.

This resource (#4 on my Top 10 Business Tools) can assist you to find a niche if your mind is “a-blank” as well as help you save time in completing significant research on each example niche, and there are 70 of them.

That's four of the Top 10 Business Tools. The final six will be ready for next month after the final tests are completed through their use on my sites. Four are close to being included soon.