A Nationwide Retirement Solution

Would you like to
build your wealth
BEFORE retirement,
build your wealth
IN retirement ?

Your wealth can still increase IN retirement
to increase your enjoyment of retirement.

A nationwide retirement solution where increased wealth means increased security and freedom.

Following World War II there were large numbers of children born world wide between 1946 - 1964. This group has been called the 'Baby Boomers'. These Baby Boomers are now starting to retire. I am a Baby Boomer. You are also most likely in this group.

A nationwide retirement solution will be needed to cope with this large group.
As it has been known throughout the world, this large group will place great pressure on existing social welfare systems and most important, pension schemes. This has given rise to such nationwide retirement solutions as Superannuation and 401(K) schemes.

"Pay your own way" and "self-funded retiree" are words that have been used and contribute to the 'modern' nationwide retirement solution.

Unfortunately, governments see the large funds in superannuation as a 'cash cow' and tax it, nationwide. Retirement solutions in Australia are taxed three times. That's right, three taxes on peoples' retirement funds !

This is an ironic situation, as governments world-wide will rely on these privately contributed "nationwide retirement solutions" to fund retirees in the future. there are just too many 'baby-boomers'.

With such losses through taxation, that means YOUR wealth needs to be maximized.

To maximize wealth, a good plan is needed, and possibly a way to add to your retirement funds. After all, we all need to be free to enjoy retirement other than worrying about if there are enough funds.

The AIM of these pages is to MAXIMISE and INCREASE your wealth, both BEFORE and DURING retirement.

To assist, I will share the plan that I am using. This plan is the result of much research. The plan presented here is a Checklist of Questions, things to do, answers to seek.

I do not say that my plan is exhaustive, but it is a start.
Nor do I suggest that this is all that you need … NO.
You MUST consult a financial planner, and this is a vital step in this plan.
I am not a financial planner. I simply see the need for financial freedom and I am personally finding ways to accomplish this. The links here take you to what I have found.

This will save you time.

My plan tries to be comprehensive, and covers all the important parts of retirement, from considering the mental preparation through to the consideration of your financial position.

You will most likely add to this plan, as you prepare for your own retirement. If there is an important item missing from this nationwide retirement solution checklist, please feel free to eMail me at Nationwide Retirement Solution feedback . That way others are helped in their retirement planning.

This checklist is simply a list of questions. I do not propose answers, simply to create a skeleton on which you can hang the detail of your plans. Consider this checklist as the framework for your plan.

The AIM of this page is to
MAXIMISE and INCREASE your wealth,
both BEFORE and DURING retirement.

Let's get started:

In a broad brush, here is an Overview of what is considered in this Checklist. Each link will take you to that item.

o Getting ready - preparing psychologically, emotionally and financially for retirement
· Developing a new mind-set
· Health and fitness

o Where are you now ? Determining your assets and liabilities.

o What do you need in retirement? What are your goals, and how much money do you estimate you will need when you retire to achieve these goals ?

o Creating wealth FOR retirement

o Creating wealth IN retirement

o Creating your Team: choosing a financial planner

o Getting started: starting your financial plan

o Legally minimising your tax liability

o Reviewing different investments

o Boosting retirement savings

o Maximising your social security benefits

o Considering your estate

o Counting down to your retirement

o Looking beyond retirement

o Managing nationwide retirement solution risk.

The future is just around the corner. Plan your own future ...

Here is a
Nationwide Retirement Solution to
BUILD and MAXIMISE your wealth,
DURING retirement.