Part Time Business Idea
for YOU

Would you like a part time business idea that doesn't seem like work at all? that is fun, and absorbing .... that is as good as a hobby, and about which you are passionate ...

This page introduces a part time business idea you may never have considered, and ends the page with LINKS to two pages to not one but two part time idea diamond sites of many ideas.

Let me ask you TWO questions ...

    1. What are you interested in? or have knowledge about?
      You do NOT have to be an expert though !!

    2. What do you have a passion for?

Think carefully about these two questions ...
I'll come back to them in a moment.

PASSIONS are amazing forces. Passions are truly a human driving force. It is great to have a business that lines up with a passion.

I was personally looking for a part time business idea that could :

- Involve my knowledge and passions
- Be run from home, or close to home (I have travelled for 90 mins to 2 hours to a job in the past)
- Provide extra income
- Be low risk , low costs and yet with high earning potential - sounds a bit like Utopia doesn't it ...
- Start me on a journey to escape from my 7 - 7pm daily grind in my day job
- Could grow into a full time business

I considered many alternatives.

One I started to follow with much interest, was the INTERNET. As a scientist, educator, student, Trainer, Manager, Team Leader and now Business Owner, I used the Internet every day.

Why couldn't a good business be created right there on the Internet?

As I have used the Internet since 1995, I realised that it offered a LOW risk, very LOW cost and a HIGH potential return opportunity for a business, in a way I have never seen before.

After much research I found just that, AND as an added BONUS, I found an opportunity to easily create not one but multiple businesses, that were real, ethical and profitable and as good as the video shop down town.

    Did you ever consider the possibility of MULTIPLE businesses ?

AND as a BONUS BONUS, I found a very sophisticated NON TECHNICAL TOOL that helps me build a VISITOR TRAFFIC attracting site and to easily publish it to the Internet and to automate much of it with today's technology.

    This automation gives your time back to you.
    So you can easily manage your business or
    create and easily manage one, two or more businesses
    - multiple businesses !

I personally easily manage and grow. multiple businesses using these tools and systems. How times have changed from being only able to run ONE business.

With this device I had found a way to work ON my part time business idea and NOT IN my business idea . THIS gives me time to think of the next part time business idea or easily grow a current business.

So here we are. The combination of the FIVE most important elements:

A PASSION + The Internet + a TOOL to easily pull it all together + to get people inside your site + Automation.

Passion + Internet + Tool + Visitor Traffic + Automation = Your BUSINESS

You provide the Passion and I'll show you the rest through THIS website.

How to use the Internet for your new business.

Your PASSION or knowledge could include

Flower arrangement
Cake decoration
Tricks to buying/selling a car
Magic tricks
An intimate knowledge of travel
Sport like football , basketball or swimming
Organising people
Organising parties
Having fun


I made an amazing discovery last year. I had some knowledge in my head. I researched, organised and published it on the Internet, AND I found that there were people, many, many people "out there" who needed this knowledge. NOW THAT WAS AN AMAZING DISCOVERY and REALISATION for me.

Here I was with the knowledge, connecting with thousands who needed that knowledge.

AND another discovery amidst all this excitement was that there were NO AGE BARRIERS. Does NOT matter if you are YOUNG or in the more mature category. NO NO, there is NO discrimination of any kind!!!

Now back to the two questions ...

So, have YOU identified YOUR passion ? YOUR area of knowledge ? Remember you do not have to be the expert, simply knowledgeable.

How can I PACKAGE my knowledge ?
How can I PUBLISH my knowledge onto the Internet ?

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